It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday

Blake Carver announced yesterday that LISHost will be shutting down in 2020. I’ve used LISHost for years to host my personal site and the Eurovision Lemurs blog, and I’ve always appreciated how helpful Blake has been in keeping them up and running. He’s amazing.

Of course, the first thing I thought after reading the announcement was that I needed a new place to host my sites. Since I don’t update this blog very often, I didn’t want to spend any money on hosting and whatnot. So I just imported my old content into a new WordPress site and am chugging along from there.

I have been reading Messy by Tim Harford, which is about how disarray leads to creativity. Reading about unexpected disruption at the exact time I was experiencing disruption made the book more enjoyable.

For now, inspired by Kendra K Levine, let’s let Boyz II Men take us out…